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Affinity Financial Awareness provide independent financial advice and is a member of  the Wealth at Work group of companies*.

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*The Wealth at Work group of companies is a specialist provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace as well as regulated advice for individuals.

Weekly Market Summary

Week ending 7th August 2020.

Week ending 7th August 2020.

As you can see from the accompanying chart, it is often best to ignore all of the noise you hear and read in the media, as the vast majority of global equity markets ended the week higher

10th August 2020


How to use income drawdown to minimise tax.

How to use income drawdown to minimise tax.

There are many advantages to choosing to use income drawdown to access your pension, one of the main ones is being able to access your assets in the most tax efficient manner.

20th July 2020

Market Updates

Market Update – 12th August 2020.

Market Update – 12th August 2020.

This morning’s headlines have been concentrated on the UK’s Q2 GDP data, which showed the UK economy contracted by 20.4%.

12th August 2020